Property Management Laurel-Seven Kinds of Renters Who Cause Major Tenant Concerns

Property Management LaurelThe tenants are the livelihood of Property Management Laurel MD! However, as property managers, we do not want just anyone as a renter and look for quality people who pay their way, respect, and stay in properties. We look for occupants who do not cause trouble, to either us or other renters. As property managers and Landlords, we already have enough headaches to deal with, and do not want to add to those troubles by selecting a lessee that makes unreasonable requests, holds up the phone lines, or in general is just a pain.

The first and foremost important thing is tenant screening to find the right occupant and another key is to be aware of characteristics signaling potential problems. With years of experience, we have learned that there are many characters that Landlords should be aware of and worthy of investigating. Do not get us wrong in saying the following mentioned character always present you with a problem, but with years of experience have taught us to look a little deeper and be more cautious.

The Narrator
Oh, yes the Narrator the tenant that most Laurel MD Property Management agencies has met explaining everything before answering your question. Ask them the simple question that only requires a YES or a NO and they come up with a long detailed story. You will ask them a straightforward question “have you have been evicted before” and they answer you with, “You see I lived with a friend a while ago…” instead of just saying yes or no.

The narrator is the one you need to be careful of and you can listen to them for hours if you want, however, the storyteller thinks they can polish things over by smooth talking their way into any property. So do not fall for it.

Real Property Management MetroMommy’s Boy
The 30-year-old who have never cut loose from his parents and do not know how to make a decision on their own. The parents have made all their decisions for them. They show up to property and apartment viewing, leave the lease signing and appointments with his parents, never saying a word, and rather lets his parents do all the talking and negotiations. Be aware of the mommy’s boy as the question remains have they ever been on their own or held a job as they often do not have a clue how to live their life on their own. They are usually the ones causing many problems with mom by their side.

The Spoiled Brat 
Ah yes, the spoilt brat is the tenant that the majority Property Management Laurel MD has known. The type that is typical of the mommy’s boy as these parents are always excited to tell you how great their children are and what superb renters they will make. Their parents usually pay the security deposit and rent; co-sign the lease agreements to make sure you rent their wonderful kids.

Watch out as there is something potentially wrong either they are looking for a way to dump their kids on you or just want them moving out of the house. The chance is that there could be nothing wrong or perhaps as they are spoilt are just lazy.

The Perfectionist
Somewhere along your walk in life you have come across the perfectionist and boy can they drive you crazy, as nothing is ever good enough for them. When taking on this tenant you need to think if anything is ever going to be right for them, or that they do not constantly harass you with unnecessary phone calls about the smallest little thing

The Moaner
The moaner shows up at and immediately starts with what they do best whine! They will always start their conversation with my previous Landlord never did anything to upkeep the place, will this be fixed, or who is living next door, and I do not like people making a noise. These complaints will go on forever. When it comes to a bit of complaining, it is normal, however, be aware of a person who grumbles too much.

The Cash Dealer
When it comes to the cash dealer, they do everything by paying cash up front, wave loads of money in front of you, and insist on paying a few months rent ahead or even sometimes the full years’ rent. It sounds great, but you need to ask yourself many questions. There could be many legitimate reasons they are paying up front, but it is not normal. They may not be hiding something, however, be aware and how do you evict a tenant if they have paid a full years rent up front if they cause major problems in the area. This eviction is going to become difficult.

The Absent-minded
As a Laurel MD Property Management company, have you ever seen a person get lost four times making it to a showing? They always seem to forget where they need to go and never get it right the first time. Yes, you may be dealing with an absent-minded tenant, and again, you need to be aware of this tenant when renting from you. The chances are great that they may just forget to pay the rent on time, or you will need to constantly call and remind them. The answer is maybe or maybe not, however, dig a little deeper when screening them, as they could be nothing more than directionally challenged.

Please note that we are not saying that the people displaying these traits are all tenants who need exclusion from renting properties. What we are saying is that you need to be on guard for these personalities and be aware of them. Always do a detailed background check when you note similar individualities mentioned here when it comes to previous Landlords and current boss. Never discriminate against the secluded classes and write down your selection criteria on file.


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