Purpose of A Chicago Property Management Newsletter

Effective communication directly entails effective property management. The importance of communication in Chicago Property Management can never be stressed enough. A property manager has to undertake a number of jobs on the owner’s behalf. Right from interviewing the prospective tenants to ensuring that the property is being utilized properly and legally, every job falls in the property manager’s part. This includes selecting the tenants, collecting rent, conducting inspections, handling tenant disputes, updating the landlord about the various issues, and other such duties.newsletter1

One of the most important things property manager has to do is keep the tenants informed about the various updates regarding the property. Most of the landlords and tenants tend to opt for an online newsletter to deliver such notices to the tenants. E-newsletters offer the easiest way of sending news and messages to the tenants on a regular basis, without incurring any substantial costs. A newsletter also ensures that the tenants receive all the updates on a regular basis and no one can complain about not being informed about any proceedings. However, newsletters also have some restricted usages in which they can be used properly and efficiently. Here is a list of purposes and tasks which should or should not be achieved with the help of a newsletter:

  • DO NOT advertise vacancies in newsletters

Vacancies which are advertised through newsletters are as good as not advertised at all! Any newsletter, that hopes to serve its purpose properly, is bound to have a targeted mail list. Mostly this list comprises of tenants who are already residing in the building. So advertising a vacancy in a newsletter basically limits the advertisements to referrals and contacts of the tenants only. This is actually not at all beneficial for the manager or the landlord since it fails to serve its purpose. That is why, advertisements should be sent out in the conventional ways rather than through newsletter.

  • Market Your Company Instead!

Any business needs marketing! Chicago Property Management firms are no exception to this golden rule! And e-newsletters can provide a property management firm, a major edge! Nowadays, people tend to look for property management firms who keep the tenants regularly updated regarding various things. A property management company which uses e-newsletters, comes across as an efficient one which pays attention to details and considers client satisfaction as their topmost priority! One can even include articles and other such relevant information in their newsletters for the purpose of wooing potential clients!newsletter

  • Providing Information to Tenants- Maybe!

As mentioned before, newsletters are often used to provide the tenant information regarding the proceedings in the property. This method is mainly employed by people who have to manage a lot of properties. However, many small time property managers are of the opinion that it is easier to print the updates on a memo and hand deliver it to every tenant.

They consider investing in Chicago Property Management software, a useless expenditure. In general people tend to prefer e-newsletters only as it is a onetime investment and there is less wastage of money and resources.


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