The importance of inspection for orlando property managers

Property management companies have the duty to conduct property inspections, it is actually one of their main obligations. Having the property inspected by a professional both on the inside and outside can be beneficial for both the tenant and the property owner. It ensures that the tenants are complying with the terms in their lease. It is also beneficial in assessing the condition of the property and it helps in the preservation of the property. Inspection for orlando property managers means conducting move in, periodic and move out inspections with any frequency.

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Importance of inspections
Maintenance issues
All properties whether newly built or old, do have maintenance issues over time. Catching the issues early can make all the difference. If detected early it means that the property owner does not have to make drastic repairs that could be expensive later. Some of the items that property managers have to check include, loose floorboard, loose sidings, drainage issues and leaking faucets. In case the property manager notices an issue they have to deal with it promptly to avoid incurring larger costs.
Apart from maintenance issues the manager will be on the lookout for infestations in the units. If he detects infestation it is his duty as the property manager to call pest control services at the cost of the property owner.
There are several types of inspections conducted by property managers. One of them is the routine inspections where the property managers take note of any damages that were not present when the tenant was moving in. The damages could be chipped paint on the walls, doors without hinges or holes drilled on the floor. Some of the damages could be the fault of the tenants making the repairs their responsibility or it could be the responsibility of the owner. To determine who is responsible the property manager has to ask about the issues. If possible they make arrangements how to pay for the damages.
Lease violations
All tenants have to sign a rental agreement that is legally binding before they can move into the property. Some of the tenants will not adhere to their side of the bargain. Depending on the terms on the lease, the manager should be on the lookout for things such as pets or extra tenants if they are not allowed. Scheduling regular inspections can prevent a case where illegal activity takes place within the property.

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Tenant retention
The inspections are not just conducted to ensure the tenant meets their lease agreements but also that the landlord meets their side of bargain. The property manager should take the time to ask the tenants if there was anything promised to them when they were moving in that they did not get. By doing this the tenants feel appreciated and improves tenant retention rates.
It is recommended that property managers inspect the property at least once a year but they could conduct inspections as many times as possible. However if inspection is carried out more than twice in a period of 30 days this could be termed as excessive entry.


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